Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thing 23

Happy Dance! As Dora the Explorer would say, "We Did It! We Did It! Hooray!"

I really enjoyed this trip through 23 Things. I am proud of myself for trying new things and am also happy to find that I knew about some of the 'things' so I must be a bit technologically hipper than I thought I was!

I hope to use Teacher Tube, Image Generators, Google Docs and Nings. I want to Podcast and do PhotoStory. I hope to inspire my teachers to use these tools, also, and to bring this knowledge to the students and create lessons for them to start using these tools, also.

Thing 22

I liked Nings. I enjoyed looking at the school librarian ones and I can see sending some of my teachers to the Teacher Ning. The new teachers who have tons of questions could benefit but it's also a great place for networking or for doing pen pal type projects. A place to find lessons and more. Nice. I liked the book reviews on the library blogs. I think I could use these Nings to help myself out with lessons/book ordering and more.

I think I could do a Ning with my college friends spread all over the country. We could post there and keep up with one another and keep it to just us. We all have blogs but have discovered that our inlaws, parents, even friends of friends tend to read them so we have to keep ourselves in check. Facebook and MySpace are, of course, not real private either. This would be a fun place for us to keep up with each other.

Thing 21

Thing 21 is on hold until I get some kind of recording device. I don't have anything here at home on my old clunker.

I did attend Region IV's class on Podcasting and did play around with audacity during the class. I thought it was fun and am excited to use it with the students and teachers at school. I just can't do one right now, from home. Tune in later.....

Thing 20

I love the Teacher Tube. I didn't know about this until I started this program. I've been a fan of You Tube as a way to waste time and look up old 1980s music videos. I'm even on You Tube with my appearance on the Rachael Ray Show.

I see so many ways to use Teacher Tube. I checked and it has information on using Smart Boards. My school just received a smart board for every classroom and I can see sending teachers to these online tutorial videos as a way to learn more about this new equipment. They can watch it on their own time!! Of course, there are some cute Dewey Decimal videos which will help me teach the ol' system to the students at my school. Here's one with sock monkeys!

Thing 19

Danger...Danger...Danger...too many fun ways to waste time! I signed up for Twitter to keep in touch yet another lazy way. This one even more so than Facebook or MySpace since it's just one line answers. Niiiice.

Etsy. That's dangerous. Not only do I want to buy the homemade gifts, I'm inspired to run out to Hobby Lobby to try my hand at making my own handmade gifts to sell (and this usually turns out bad...somehow the image in my mind is never what I end up holding in my hands)

I love Farecast and Kayak. I love traveling and the librarian in me always has to research good deals. These sites are great.

None of the above would be used in school but they sure are fun for me!!

Thing 18

I'm working from home off an old PC and even with our high speed internet, this old baby can't handle much and grinds and snorts when pushed to her limit. Therefore I didn't even bother to download the Open Office. I have a Google account so off I went to Google Docs.

Now, I've been using Google Docs with HISD for our preview book program but I just logged in and put in my reviews. I didn't fully embrace the Google Docs. I love them--presentations, spreadsheets, word. I can share (or not) and this could be used for collaboration with teachers when planning a library lesson or for doing some of the paperwork (i.e. writing the school improvement plan) when everyone needs to work together but can't find the time to sit down to write it out together. COOLIO!

Here's my brief presentation...I was feeling nostalgic....